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Two articles on political economy 1. R einterfacialization, Corporealization and Financial Amplitudes: Against Vibrational Metacapitalism and Towards Broken Amplification Realism Abstract In this article absolutely no information on reinterfacialization, corporealization and financial amplitudes in contemporary condition of the global political economy is provided, but their existence, as well as the intention to overcome vibrational metacapitalism and to produce an alternative model of realism which deals with the concept of "broken amplification" is stated. 2. M agnitude, Systemic Collapse and Ec(h)o-montage: Against Mechanospherical Trading and Towards Declassification of capital flow(s). Abstract In this article Ghost Rhythm Society provides absolutely no information on magnitude, systemic collapse and economical montage in contemporary condition of the global market temporalities, but marks their interconnectedness as well as the necessity to overcome mecha

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